Rituparna Sengupta


Rituparna was born in Calcutta on the 7th of November.

Even though there were no artistes in Ritu's family before her, her family members always took an active interest in cultural activities and events. However, since they were very conservative, they were strongly opposed to the idea of her getting into the film industry. In her own words, "People always harbor the idea that acting is a very dicey profession and that the film industry is very corrupt. My family members are very protective and are always concerned about what I am doing."

Rituparna is an actress with many dimensions to her creative personality. "I've always had a terrific passion for dancing", she says. "I'm currently working on an original dance drama. The entire concept was mine, though I worked on the script with other people from Rabindra Bharati University." Ritu has done several dance dramas with them. She was also part of a group called Ved Pancham.

Though Rituparna has made a niche for herself in the world of films, surprisingly enough, when she stepped into the celluloid world, apart from her experience as a danseuse, she hadn't really received any formal training in acting. Unlike most actors and actresses, Ritu has never been involved in any way with drama and theatre. In her opinion, "people from a theatre background normally have a lot of mature acting experience and skills. The stage is an incredible training ground and it is the best medium when it comes to communicating with an audience. It is fulfilling for an actor to be on stage because you get an instant response from the audience. It teaches you how to be spontaneous, stage free, makes you comfortable with the lights and on the whole makes you technically very sound and gives you the inherent confidence to look up to something better."

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