Shilpi Sharma


Shilpi hails from a small town called Dholpur situated in the state of Rajasthan, also near the city of Agra.. Her family is into business and politics. Her uncle was minister in the Rajasthan government earlier and has been elected M.L.A. many times from Dholpur

Shilpi Sharma did her first ad with Rahul Dravid for a battery. She was then seen as the face of many brands like HSBC, McDonalds, Park Avenue. The highlight of modelling career was when she became the face of Pear?s Soap for 4 years. She also did a music video with Harry Anand, directed by Rahul Sud.

During the time she had endorsed Pear?s sopa, Director N. Chandra heard about her and met her in Hyderabad and immediately cast her for his film Style. After the runaway success of her debut she went away to complete her studies as she was just out of high school.

As soon as she completed her studies she was contacted by Rahul Rawail and was cast for Jo Bole So Nihaal with Sunny Deol. Jo Bole So Nihaal also became a huge success but Shillpi had a personal setback and went away from the film industry for two years. On her return, she was again cast by Subhash Ghai, in a special title song of his new film Right Ya Wrong.

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