Corporate and Shikhar are two totally different films - Bipasha Basu

Salmaan Khan

Salmaan Khan has also acted well in this movie .Got a lot of emotional and crying sequences through out the movie .But his talking with his dead father became a sort of nuisance after a while .And as everyone knows he doesn't look nice while crying?

Aishwarya Rai

But Aishwarya Rai reveals an unquestionable felicity for acting. Convincing even in difficult scenes like her outburst in a library or her confrontations with Vanraj, here's someone who evidently has that impossible combination of breathtaking BEAUTY AND BRIANS ! Cheers!

Ajay Devgan

And Ajay Devgan is first-rate, invoking your empathy and warmth consistently. Listen to him bravely trying to sing Chingari koi bhadke at a family gathering or notice his ever expressive eyes, and you're elated by the fact that he can be marvellously effective even when he isn't merely bashing up the bozos.

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