Friendship is something special - Bobby Deol

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

  With the moderate success of Barsaat, the team of Bobby Deol and director Suneel Darshan are all back with their next film Dosti-Friends Forever. Here's a one on one chat with the junior Deol.

Your friendship with Akshay is coming onscreen with Dosti. How does it feel?
The story revolves around friendship and when we heard the story we liked it. As we are good friends we knew that we wouldn't need to act. Our onscreen chemistry looks very real and that's the plus point of the film.

As usual you are playing a character of a rich guy. Why do you always get such roles?
What can I do? Whenever a producer or a director comes to me with a role he always tells me that I have to play the character of a rich man because according to him I don't look poor. So I have stopped thinking much about it and am fine doing whatever comes my way.

Again this time Lara is cast opposite you, how was the experience working with her again?
Whenever I have done any film I have enjoyed doing them. And I have worked with all of them earlier so it was very easy and it was fun working with them again. The comfort level was very high. So basically we had a blast.

It has been said that whenever a person falls in love with a girl his friend helps him. But here you have helped Kareena get Akshay. How come?
You'll get to know this only after you watch the film as to whom I have supported and whom I haven't.

Tell us something about your role in the film.
I play a rich guy in the film. I meet Akshay in my childhood days and he becomes my best friend. We grow together like brothers and whenever I am in trouble Akshay is always there to help me out. In the process our relationship is strained.

Movies on the same theme have been released earlier. How different is Dosti from the rest? See if you look at it, there have been very few films based on the same theme. In most of the films Friendship is a part of the film but this film is based entirely on Friendship. Along with this we have family problems. So basically you can watch it with you family and can relate to the film.

 How important is Friendship to you?
Friendship is something special. I am lucky to have such good friends who can do anything for me and I can do anything for them. Even if we don't meet everyday our friendship doesn't fade because many of my friends have gone abroad for work but I make it a point to speak to them on the phone.

You have worked earlier with Suneel Darshan, How was the experience working with him again in Dosti?
It was fun. That's what I said that I am lucky that I got to work with him again. He always makes films that you can go and watch with your family. Its not that I always do such films, I have done thriller and action flicks. Very rarely do I get to work in such films and that's why I said I am lucky to work with him again. I have one more film coming up with him.

Tell us something about the music of Dosti.
Suneel has a good ear for music. He and Nadeem-Shravan share a great rapport. They try to get the best out of each other. So it's how you get along with someone and how you can get things out of someone.

You are working with your Dad in Apne. Are you nervous about it?
I am definitely nervous working with him. From childhood I have always looked up to him. He's the greatest actor I have ever known in my life. He is a legend so I am definitely nervous. Whatever I have got, I have got it from him. So I know that whenever I am nervous I know he make me feel easy.

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