Bobby Deol Facts

Most successful movies:

Best Performances:

Discovery of the year (Filmfare - 1996).

Current Status:
With 'Gupt', Bobby danced out of the jumbo shadows of his dad and brother. But this Deol does only solo hero projects, unlike the other stars of his generation. So while he hogged all the credit for 'Gupt' he also got '...Aur Pyar Ho Gaya' as excess baggage. The man of the 90's minus the biceps and triceps. Today, Bobby is running neck to neck with the Akshay Kumars and Akshaye Khannas of the industry. The competition is tough, but Bobby is confident. He has a spate of good flicks under his belt.

Any female swears by the Deol junior's dashing good looks. He has the advantage of a 'filmi' background so he didn't have to struggle too much - he also has lots of support from brother Sunny...

His Italian looks don't gel in with the 'charaana' crowd - he's not what your typical Hindi Film hero looks like. His hairstyle is no longer a fashion statement. Too laidback and also follows Sunny's advice blindly...

What to watch for:
Dharmendra's ' Love in London' (with Sunny & Urmila), Abbas Mustaan's 'Soldier' (with Preeti Zinta), & Vinod Chopra's 'Kareeb' (with newcomer Neha) .

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