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In philosophy, religion, mythology, and fiction, the afterlife (also referred to as life after death) is the concept of a realm in which an essential part of an individual's consciousness continues to exist after the death of the body in the individual's lifetime. According to various ideas of the afterlife, this consciousness that lives on in a following realm is referred to as a spirit. It is believed that sometimes, deathscause by acts of cruelty, violence and depravity cause some spirits get stuck between our world and their realm, and these spirits are often referred to as ghosts. The quest for these ghosts and the proof of the afterlife has perplexed MAN since the dawn of time itself. This is the backbone of our film '3am'. In cultures all over the planet, 03.00 AM is considered the darkest time of night, when supernatural forces such as demons, ghosts and spirits are said to be most active and powerful. Many people across the globe have reported all manner of strange happenings occurring at the Devil's hour of 03:00 A.M Meet Sunny, a TV reality show host on the pinnacle of his flamboyant career. He has just completed 100 episodes of his hit reality show, which he produces along with his childhood friends, Raj, and Cyrus. As we cut to a party, we see a champagne bottle being opened as a pyramid of glasses overflows with pink champagne. We see the 3 friends celebrate the success of their show. Suddenly we see Sunny's expression change as he notices someone at the far end of the party alone.

We cut to Sarah, an angelic girl, who we learn is Sunny's girlfriend for 8 years, as he approaches her. We see that she is a little awkward at this glamorous party, and Sunny takes her to the side. Suddenly he bends down on his knees and proposes marriage to her holding up the prettiest ring she has ever seen. She hugs him accepting and as the crowd serenades them we start our first song. This is a love song and through the song we see how in love this couple is. It is a relationship that one can only dream of. At the end of the song, we see Sarah getting ready at night. Sunny asks her where she is off to and she replies telling him that she (being a journalist by profession) is writing a story on the most haunted locations of Mumbai, and tonight, she would be covering Rudra Mills, a dilapidated, closed mill, that is infamous for its haunted stories. Sunny ridicules her, stating his disbelief in ghosts and asks her to come to bed. However, being a believer she shuts him up and leaves
for her assignment. That night, SUNNY is fast asleep, when he is woken up, by the crying of a woman. He wakes up but is unable to get up. He sees the clock on the wall and its 3 am. He sees SARAH crying sitting in a dark corner in his room. He tries to talk but he can't. He tries to move, but he can't do that either.

Finally she walks over to him and tells him that she is sorry. She tells him that she would always love him and that it was time for her to leave now. She kisses him good night and says 'I'll miss you my love'. SUNNY closes his eyes as a tear rolls down her cheek and SARAH's image fades away. The sparkling tear falls on his cheek as he gets up startled. There is no one in the room but him. SUNNY gets up with a jolt, and runs to his phone. He tries calling SARAH but her phone is off. He keeps trying. Finally after a few attempts, he hangs up, giving up. Juts then the phone rings and he runs to it expecting SARAH's call. He looks at the screen and it's SARAH's home number. As he answers, he realizes its her father on the other end who informs Sunny that Sarah was found hung, at Rudra Mills, at 3am!

We see Sunny broken with the loss of his love go into a shell. He takes to alcohol as he tries to comprehend his experience with Sarah's spirit. He believes that it was her saying good bye to him. This completely fractures Sunny's mind, and he sets out on a mission to prove the existence of the afterlife, believing that if he does manage to prove that ghosts do actually exist, he would be reunited with his love, at some point. Sunny finally breaks out of his shell and convinces his friends to start a new show, one that tries to capture Paranormal Activity on they cameras and other equipment. So, we see his loyal friends Raj and Cyrus, stand by his side as they decide to shoot their first episode at Rudra Mills, the very location Sarah died at! As per the format of the show, we see the 3 of them set up their equipment at the location, and get locked in from dusk till dawn. We see them trying to provoke ghosts to show themselves or show any kind of sign of their existence there, ready to capture any paranormal activity on their equipment.

A wise man once said, "be careful what you wish for, as you may just get it"! As Sunny, Raj and Cyrus try to provoke any ghosts present to give them a sign of their existence, suddenly things start to happen. First, they see a shadowy figure move across, then a hammer move across the room, and then a table. All of this is recorded on their cameras and they have the proof they wanted. A terrified Raj suggests they now leave but Sunny and Cyrus want to go on in the hope of capturing more evidence. However, as the clock strikes 3 AM, all HELL breaks loose and Sunny, Raj and Cyrus, get much more than
they ever imagined! Do Sunny, Raj and Cyrus all make it till dawn? Does Sunny live onto suffer the loss of his love and now his friends as well? Will he manage to prove to the world (and himself) that GHOSTS DO EXIST.

Cast & Crew

Vishal S Mahadkar
Siddharth Atha, Nittin Keni, Richard De Varda
Vishal S Mahadkar
Pranay Rijia, Raeth
Manan, Kumaar, Pranay Rijia, A.M. Turaz

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