Aaja Sanam Aagossh Mein - 2015


Aaja Sanam Aagossh Mein is a story filled with love, passion, deceit, betrayal that eventually leads to brutal murder.
Aatish and Kajal s happily married life falls kaput when Aatish starts having an affair with his secretary Mona. Moreover, Aatish s conspiracy slowly starts to unfold when he decides to get his wife killed for property. He hires Rocky, a cyber criminal to murder his wife but plan fails when Rocky realizes that he has been framed by Aatish who had even plotted to kill him with the help of yet another goon Rashid. Hence, Rocky has a change of heart and gets into a fight with Rashid. Amidst this, Aatish who enters the house decides to intervene and ends up killing Rashid.

Later, he falls victim to Rocky s blackmailing threats who on the other hand turns photographer to Kajal. Suspecting an affair between his wife and Rocky, Aatish decides to confront him only to realize that Rocky actually has an affair with his secretary Mona. How will Aatish get out of the mess created by him is what forms the rest of the plot.

Cast & Crew

Nirranjan K
Shaktishankar Jaaju
Sidharrth Jaaju

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