Ab Ke Baras - 2002


Anjali (Amrita Rao) is a young somewhat free girl. When time rolls around for her engagement which coincides with her birthday she starts to lose it, having flashbacks et al. The causes for her displacement are voices, dreams, a transport through a time passed. The voice tells her that its time she returned to her lover, her original lover. Currently overseas, Anjali travels to India to find the one she has been told about. There she bumps into Karan (Arya Babbar) who will further help her find her true love even though he logically (like the audience) sees the stupidity in her search.

They embark on their journey learning more and more about each other and their pasts until the big surprise happens. It?s Karan that Anjali has been searching for. But was it Anjali that Karan was looking for? Maybe they were looking for each other? It was the voices, it was definitely the voices. How else do two past lovers meet, fight with each other, play with each other etc? So many questions, so little time. Before we can ask any questions, the lovers are transported to their original birth.

It?s India, the past, Nandini (Amrita Rao, again) and Abhay (Arya Babbar, again)- A.K.A. Shaheed Abhay Singh, that happens later, and their struggling against the all mighty British Empire (get used to the Brits fans, you?ll be seeing more of them after Lagaan). There they meet Tejeshwar Singhal (Ashutosh Rana), the only character who somehow remains through each of the dream sequences. He is their opposition, the traitor who supports the British. There they encounter more trouble, more opposition and several more twists and turns.

Cast & Crew

Raj Kanwar
Inderjeet Films Combined
Anu Malik

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