Abhimanyu - 1989


Abhimanyu alias Manu lives in a small town in India with his dad, Shyam Lal, mom, and unmarried sister, Tulsi. When the lecherous son, Pannalal, of wealthy Ram and Parvati, returns home, he is taken in by Tulsi's beauty and forces himself upon her, leaving her to commit suicide, but Ram saves her just in time. When Manu finds out that Pannalal is responsible for Tulsi's state, he goes to plead with Pannalal to marry Tulsi, he scoffs at and humiliates him.

Ram, Tulsi, Pyare, their friend, Ram and his U.S. returned wealthy industrialist friend, G.S. Parmeshwaran, then get together and plot against Pannalal - which results in Pannalal getting married to Tulsi; and Ram's daughter, Geeta, getting married to Manu. Enraged at this deception, Pannalal swears revenge, and takes Tulsi with him to his mistress, Lalita, and asks her to serve her, which Tulsi agrees to do. But Pannalal is not satisfied with this - for his aim is to marry Lalita - at any cost - even if it means killing Tulsi.

Cast & Crew

Tony Juneja
Gyandev Agnihotri
Anu Malik

Abhimanyu Movie - Songs

Purana Tera Khunta - Song

Fire Brigade - Song

Aaya Dil Mein Churaane (I Am The Best) - Song

Kangana Khanke Khanke - Song

Chandni Raat Hai - Song

Phate Na Meri Dhoti - Song

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