Accident On Hill Road - 2009


?Accident On Hill Road? is a cunning and energetic thriller that takes its premise from the real-life incident of a women who hit a man, then drove home and parked the car in the garage ? with the man wedged halfway through her windshield.

Celina Jaitley stars as sonam chopra, a hard partying, overworked nursing assistant in this delicious, darkly humorous psychological thriller from director Mahesh Nair.
Sonam accidentally steers her car into the harmless Prakash Shrivastava, movingly played by Farooque Shaikh, sending him flying through the windshield.
Not wanting to jeoparadize her future, Sonam, along with her drug-pending boyfriend Sid (Abhimanyu Singh), chooses not to get him medical help, leaving him clinging to life in her garage.

But soon her psyche begins to unravel as captor and captive are pitted against each other in a bloody and outrageous battle for survival.
Be prepared for ingeniously nasty and often shockingly funny entertainment.

Cast & Crew

Mahesh Nair
Magna Films
Raju Singh
Sandeep Nath, Rahul Patel

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