Alag - 2006


Is being different good? Is being different a boon? Or Is being different a CURSE?

These are some of the questions for which Tejas wanted an answer. And now he takes you through a journey in his quest to find the ultimate truth. He is going through a different kind of experience and is in turmoil. Why?
Because he is 'alag'! Different! And all alone!

The story of 'Alag' begins with a death. Hemant Rastogi is a middle-aged man who was supposed to be staying all alone in a house. Suddenly there is news about his death and police is called. Upon investigation, police realizes that there is something eerie, something strange about the whole setting. From the house to its lone occupant, there is some secret behind the closed doors that made its presence felt. What was it?

Their doubts about the house become stronger when neighbors tell them that not just Hemant Rastogi but someone else occupied the house too.

Someone who was unseen
Someone whose identity was not known to anyone
Someone who gave an impression of walking alone in the dead of the night
Doubts start arising about this person. Is it a living being? Or a ghost?

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