Anarkali Of Arrah - 2017


Anaarkali of Aarah is the story of a singer and her fight against people who want to sexually exploit her. Anarkali (Swara Bhaskar) is a singer who lives in Arrah and entertains people by singing on the stage. At one such singing event, vice chancellor Dharmender Chauhan (Sanjay Mish­ra), in his drunken stupor, misbehaves with her and molests her, openly asking her to have physical relations with him. Anarkali slaps him, much to the discomfort of her manager, Rangeela (Pankaj Tripathi), who asks her to apologise to Chauhan and make peace with him. But Anarkali is in no mood for a settlement and goes to the police station to lodge a complaint. However, police inspector Chulbul Pandey (Vijay Kumar) is a paid stooge of the vice chancellor and refuses to file her complaint. Rather, he frames Anarkali on charges of pros­titution and arrests her. Rangeela bails Anarkali out and takes her to Chauhan to settle matters. But Anarkali is unrelenting.
Soon, Anarkali is forced to leave Arrah when Chauhan, Chulbul Pandey and their men don't let her live in peace. Accompanied by her trusted friend, Anwar (Mayur More), she comes to Delhi and struggles to record her songs. A studio owner (Nitin Arora) gives her a break as a singer after his agent, Hiraman Tiwari (Ishteyak Khan), pleads with him. But Anarkali's joy is short lived as Chauhan's men track her down in Delhi. Anarkali is once again arrested. It is then that she enters into a pact with vice chancellor Dharmender Chauhan. What is the pact? Does Anarkali compromise on her principles? Or does she seek revenge on Chauhan?

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