Angoori Bani Angaara - 2015


It s a story of an ordinary woman named Angoori ( Mona Chaudhary) picking up the gun in order to avenge Megh Singh (Nitesh Upadhyay), her innocent husband s arrest and the merciless murder of her unborn child.

Megh Singh, who was once an anti-social element, is a reformed man today who has been married to Angoori. A false charge of murder lands him up in jail. At the same time, Megh Singh s enemy MLA Nahar Singh (Idris Khatry) has been trying to take his revenge by murdering his unborn child, while Angoori manages to escape death.

A highly agitated Angoori now is on a death mission and wants revenge at any cost for reasons, viz., avenge the death of her husband and innocent unborn child. That s why she starts training under her husband Megh Singh s ex-boss Jwala Singh.

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