Ansh - 2002


Beginning with the obviously corrupt Inspector Sukhdev Singh (Ashutosh Rana), who is chummy with Bhagat Pandey (Om Puri), a lesser corrupt officer, the film travels through the progression of corruption with these individuals. Sukhdev is the first to turn the tables on honesty and Bhagat reluctantly gives in.

We are then taken to the life of Raj Guru (Abbas) who once was a good official, but gone bad thanks to the now very corrupt system. Raj eventually forms a group of bad guys with the help of some bigger and meaner individuals. Together they try to corrupt the world, but, of course, when one bad group forms, so does another. That?s where Sayaji Shinde as Govinda comes in. Result is a great deal of corruption so much so that one can?t include it enough in this review. It?s simply all about corruption, up until the last minute of the corrupt climax.

Oh yeah, there are heroines in this film. Shweta (Sharbani Mukherji) who is introduced in ?Sirf Sunday Ko?, is eventually paired up with Raj after a lot of hoopla and Kusum (Shama Sikander) who also falls in love with Raj under the same situations. Sadly, both of the heroines go through a lot of eighties style drama in trying to acquire Raj (screams, cries, ?main tumse pyaar karti hun??)

Raj Johri suffers as a writer. The patchy script doesn?t focus on the right places to help get his point across- but it is evident that he is trying to depict a point. Throwing in the heroines in such a masaledar way interrupts the narrative way too much. (I guess it?s too much to ask to have the female heroines play guys once in a while?) The script is the first and biggest fall out of this lacking enterprise. His direction serves the film aptly, again, failing to leave much of an impression because of the script. Camerawork is mediocre. It isn?t the worst job with the camera but doesn?t help the film much. V. Subbarao?s cinematography does help the situation a little. Adding more style would have helped the film. In an effort to stray from the ?all style and no substance? phrase, Johri placed no style in this film.

Cast & Crew

Rajan Johri
Suresh Sharma

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