Antarnaad - 1992


Antarnaad is a movie explaining the theory of the Swadhyay Movement run by P.P. Pandurangshastriji Athavale. It explains how to Spread the divine power of the Lord Bhagawan?s message of Love through meeting all kinds & categories of people all over the country & communicate, make a friendly relation. As the relation moves on just motivate the people to remember to perform the God?s heavenly service of Remembering him, Salute & thank him as well for this beautiful Life. Since that is the great power which run our daily BodyShores. Make those people so devout through their honest daily work of earning bread and butter & homeshores by accompanying them. Encourage them to do the Trikaaiasandhya, in order to remember the Lordly power & bow towards to Him. After waking up remember Him by chanting the mantras, before taking a meal thank Him for the food He has made for me to survive as well & before going to bed again remember Him by thanking for the day He brought for us.

Always stay connected with that worldly power by any means, any time & also in any way, in order to become His darling desiple. So that these thing will definitely bring the peace of mind in this world of Noise. It leads the common people to become a calm & optimistic in all the situations he faces. The short-temperedness over the small issues goes so down & also the mental Support which is required to survive is increased day by day.

In this Film it has been shown how to achieve the common man?s trust & turn it to our Final goals of becoming a good, divine & well cultured Man. The main era of this movie is just to remember that Worldly power which serves us directly or indirectly in all the situations in Happy moods as well as in grief.

source : wikipedia

Cast & Crew

Shyam Benegal
Shyam Benegal
Vanraj Bhatia, Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar

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