Army - 1996


Renowed for his bravery, major Arjun Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) ranks among the elite group of officers in the armed forces. Geeta (Sridevi) a lawyer, Arjun Singh falls in love and soon ties the knot. Arjun Singh has a unique sense of humour and pretends to be dead on a number of occasions. Geeta obviously hates this prank which one day becomes a reality.

Arjun Singh is assassinated by a terrorist Nagraj (Danny Denzongpa) and his friends Pancham (Tinnu Anand) and Rahul (Asif Sheikh) in a bid to free his sister Gayatri (Neena Sofia) from their clutches. Geeta?s life comes to a standstill. She also fails to get justice from the court of law adding insult to her grave loss. Geeta decides to take law into her own hands.

She comes across Kishan (Harish), Kevin (Ronit Roy), Karta (Ravi Kissen), Khan (Sudesh Berry) and Kabir (Mohnish Behl) all prisoners convicted for murder and sentenced to death and later masterminds their escape from her brother jailer Raghbir Singh?s prisons with the single objective of destroying those who destroyed her life. These five men comprise her "ARMY".

Cast & Crew

Raam Shetty
Nitin Manmohan, Mukul Anand, Sunil Manchanda

Army Movie - Songs

Main To Hoon Pagal Munda

Dil Mein Kuch Hone Laga

De Taali

Ek Beeti Hui Kahani Hai

Achiko Bachiko Kachiku

Ho Gayee Tiyar Hamari Army

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