Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai - 2016


The Film "BABUJI EK TICKET BAMBAI" is a social portraying a girl from Bedhiya community from the hinterlands of central India i.e. Bundelkhand region. Their culture is singing and dancing which is called "RAI". Their community is matriarchal and the story is about three generations of a family where the youngest girl Madhu rebels to change the age old tradition through education.

But despite her progressive attitude she falls prey to the socio - police - politicon nexus she is married off to Rajjan, a boy from the same village who has intense crush for her from the beginning. Post their marriage, on their maiden visit to Mumbai there is more than a Pandora's box for Madhu as she is kidnapped and sold off by the goons in the brothel (RED LIGHT AREA), Now as she comes to terms in life, she discovers many heart wrenching facets mostly unknown to the common people. This is how her journey starts into a new world and we realize that some places on Earth are even darker than hell.....

Cast & Crew

Arvind Tripathi
K. K. Mundhada, Piyush Mundhada
Nazir Qureshi
Nikhil Kamath, Altaaf Sayyed, Umesh Tarkaswar
Kumaar, Altaaf Sayyed, Bhupinder Kaur, Haider Nazmi

Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai Movie - Songs

Aankh Pe Chashma Daal Ke

Bepanhaa Tum Ko Chahe

Tose Naina Ladey

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