Barood - 1998


Young and Prestigious Jai Sharma meets a popular starlet, Neha Singhal and after a few misunderstandings both fell deep in the sea of love. Jai's mother Gayetri Sharma approves of Neha as her daughter-in-law but Neha's dad, Mr. Singhal disapproves of this match because he would like Neha to marry his friend's son, Sanjay Gaur, but Neha swears only to marry Jai.

Worse yet when, Singhal finds out that Jai is the son of an honest police officer of whom he and his colleagues murder years ago, he would try to harm Jai but Gayetri choose all out effort to protect her son and she swears to make Neha her daughter-in-law within 24 hours as for Mr. Singhal, she is not ready to kill him but has other plans for him.

Barood Movie - Songs

Ek Ladki Ek Ladka

Hum To Tujhse Mohabbat Karte The

Mach Gaya Shor

Meri Sason Mein Garmi

Razi Razi Mein Hoon Razi

Sana Sana Sannana

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