Betaabi - 1997


Betaabi is an original movie. Originality makes the movie interesting. Chandrachur Singh plays Sameer, a poor man who falls in love with rich girl Sheena (Anjala Zaveri). Sheena's father is involved with a major crime boss Brij (Gulshan Grover) who is after Sheena's father. Arshad Warsi plays Vicky, a small time crook hired by Brij to marry Sheena and take her to Brij who will hold her for ransom.

Sheena happens to be a girl who lives on the wild side. When poor Sameer finally gets up enough courage to ask her to marry him, she dares Sameer to kidnap her and take her to the Gateway Of India in Mumbai in fifteen days. If he succeeds in doing so, Sheena will marry him.

Later in the same night, Vicky, who has come into Sheena' life as Chetan, the son of her fathers' 'langotia yaar', proposes to her too. Seeing the challenging possibilities in this, Sheena, dares him to save her from Sameer in 15 days. Thus creating a 'swamber' for herself.

Complications arrive when Reshma (Mayor Kango) is to be married to a the college 'gunda', Sheena, knowing this guy and his habits well, advises her best friend to run away, thus creating a second villain for the plot to continue.

Finally 'the D day' arrives and after a lot of mishaps and setbacks, Sameer & Sheena are finally on their way, with Vicky & Reshma hot in pursuit. As the events unfold, Sheena falls in love with Sameer, Reshma with Vicky and eventually Vicky gives up being bad to fall in love with Reshma. And we have a typical Hindi movie ending, in which the heroes fight the villains, villains lose, heroes get the heroines and they all live happily ever after.

Cast & Crew

Rajesh Singh
Paramjeet Baweja
Sameer, Dr. Basheer Badra, Vishal

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