Beti No. 1 - 2000


The story of the film Beti No. 1 is inspired from a Malyalam film, Aadityakarnam. The plot deals with the travails of an ordinary Indian family of our times. Raajiv Kumar, the producer of this film, was quite impressed by the story and hence he made the film.

Our society has given women a very inferior position. Every parent wants a male child and this reality is reproduced in typical Govinda style comedy. Govinda too was impressed by the story as he loves his daughter a lot and decided to do the film. Beti No. 1 is actually the story of a rich woman, Aruna Irani, who has three sons - Govinda, Ashok Saraf and Laxmikant Berde. Her only wish now is to have a grandson. Prem Chopra plays the grandfather and Rambha is Govinda's wife.
Though the story of the film is taken from a Malyalam movie, the film has been given a north Indian touch to give it that 'extra something'.

Cast & Crew

T Rama Rao
Rajeev Kumar
Viju Shah
Maya Govind, Dev Kohli

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