Bipasha The Black Beauty - 2006


Bipasha (Nidhi Gill) is a popular film star who has been promoted by financier Raju Shah (Anand Abhyankar). One day, Shah Proposes that Bipasha get into bed with him. The idea revolts Bipasha so much that Shah has to apologise for his lapse. Everything seems to be back to normal between them expects that now Shah wants to destroy Bipasha for having humiliated him so much.

Shah learns that Bipasha would be spending a night in a hotel with a man, Saurabh (Rishabh Takoo). A CD is made of her romp in the bed with Saurabh, using a hidden camera. Bipasha is then arrested on charges of prostitution. A court case follows with Veer Lalwani (Rahul Roy) defending Bipasha and proving that she is innocent and that Saurabh is actually her husband.

Cast & Crew

Shailendra Singh Rajput
Prem G Gangwani, Prakash Raja
Saurabh Mukherjee
Raj Inder Raj

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