Bombay Talkies - 2013


Bombay Talkies is a 2013 Indian anthology film consisting of four short films, directed by Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar and Karan Johar.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh
Directed by Karan Johar
The movie begins with Avinash (Saqib Saleem), a young man, bursting into his house. He wakes his father and pushes him against the wall declaring that he is homosexual. He leaves his parents house, distraught and heartbroken but ready for a new start. He passes a girl at a train station singing "Ajeeb Dastan Hain Ye." Gayatri (Rani Mukherjee)is married to Dev (Randeep Hooda). Gayatri, who works for a magazine meets Avinash, the new intern. Avinash informs her that he's gay and is shocked to see that it doesn't shock her. They gradually become very close. On his birthday, Gayatri invites Avinash home for dinner. That evening, Gayatri tells Dev that Avinash is gay. Dev seems shocked.
During dinner, Avinash and Dev find that they both share a love for old Hindi films and music. Avinash leans over Dev to look at something on the table and Dev visibly reacts. The next day, Gayatri leaves for some work. Avinash goes to her house to meet Dev. He gives him a CD and then invites him to come out. (A funny play on "coming out of the closet.") Avinash takes Dev to meet the little girl who sings "Ajeeb Dastan Hain Ye." Dev is shocked. He pays the girl a lot of money and asks her what she plans on doing with it. She says she will buy food for her brothers and sisters. He asks her if she's lying. She curtly replies that she isn't, and telling lies is bad.
By this point, Avinash is sure that Dev is gay but hasn't come out of the closet. The next day he meets Rani who happily informs him that she and Dev had amazing sex the last night. Avinash is disappointed and angry, knowing fully well that he is the reason for Dev's good mood.
He goes to meet Dev at work. He admits that he took the one hour journey between the offices just to meet him. Dev is embarrassed and asks him to leave. Avinash reaches over to hug him sensually, alarming Dev. Dev loses his temper and begins to beat Avinash up. Avinash leaves Dev, and goes back home. The beating he received from Dev triggers memories of his own father beating him up upon discovering his sexuality.

Dev visits him to apologize. He seems torn and after hitting Avinash again and throwing him against the cupboard, he kisses him. Again, Dev begins to hit Avinash. Avinash loses his temper and throws Dev out.

Avinash then goes and tells Gayatri that her husband kissed him. Gayatri is infuriated and doesn't listen to anything else Avinash has to say and goes home. Dev enters and tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away and begins to wipe her face. She tells him that she now knows that the there's nothing wrong with her but with him and that he is the reason their marriage failed. She says she's glad she's free now and informs him that their relationship is over.
In the final scene we see Avinash sitting on his bed, upset. We see Dev beside the young girl who is singing, Gayatri has kicked him out. And we see Gayatri putting on make up. The film ends on an ironical note. The young girl asks Dev for money and he says that he doesn't have any. She says that he's lying. He replies that he isn't, and lying is bad, mirroring her words from earlier. The irony being, that his whole marriage and life was a lie.

Directed by Dibakar Banerjee
A failed actor is struggling to make a living after his father?s death. He wants every work should come home to him. One day he meets his father's spirit and learns the lesson of life that work is not God's Gift and one only gets it when one tries. In a turn of events he stumbles upon his last chance to prove himself to the world and more importantly, to his daughter.

Sheila Ki Jawaani
Directed by Zoya Akhtar
A 12 year old boy from family is inspired by a film star to break the conventions of the society and follow his dreams come what may. His father wants him to be a football player. After watching dance of Katrina Kaif in Sheela ki jawani song in movie Teesmarkhan during an outing with family, he aspires to become a dancer. Even when parents are out for some work, he dresses up like a girl, puts makeup and jewellery and dances. Just then his parents enter, and his father gets angry with him. After some days, his sister tells father that she wants to go on a trip for which she needs Rs. 2000. The father is not ready for this as he has paid fees for boy's football coaching. Both brother and sister check their piggy bank and count money but that is not enough. So they decide to organize a small event at an old garage where they sell tickets and the boy dances with full energy.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap
A man from a small town in UP comes to Mumbai to fulfil his ailing father?s last wish. The agenda was to get Mr. Amitabh Bachchan eat half portion of the Murabba made by his mother and the remaining portion to be brought back for his father to eat and which may also save his father's life. special mention that 'murabba' was acclaimed as best mockumentary in the film. In hindi we call it 'mast movie'

Cast & Crew

Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee
Ashi Dua
Amit Trivedi

Bombay Talkies Movie - Songs

Apna Bombay Talkies Title Song

Murabba -- Song

Akkad Bakkad

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