Bride and Prejudice - 2004


'Bride and Prejudice' is the Indianized adaptation of the Jane Austen classic 'Pride and Prejudice' by director Gurinder Chaddha, who struck to fame two years back with the super hit 'Bend it Like Beckham'.

The only difference between the Jane Austen novel and Chaddha's story is that while in the original the clash between Darcy and Elizabeth crops due to their social status, but the conflict between Darcy and Lalita in Chaddha's movie is a result of their cross cultures.

In 'Bride and Prejudice' the character of William Darcy is played by New Zealand actor Martin Hendersen, while Bollywood stunner Aishwarya Rai plays Lalita.

The others in the cast include Namarata Shirodkar, Meghna Kothari, Anupam Kher, Peeya Rai Choudhary, Naveen Andrews, Nadira Babbar, Indira Verma and Daniel Gillies.

At the center of the movie is the Bakshi family comprising of Mr. Bakshi (Anupam Kher), his wife (Nadira Babbar) and their four daughters Jaya (Namrata Shirodkar), Lalita (Aishwarya), Maya (Meghana Kothari) and Lucky (Peeya Rai Choudhary).

Both Jaya and Lalita are in a marriageable age and Mr. And Mrs. Bakshi are keeping their eye open for suitable grooms. Coming from an average earning family with their Indian roots still intact, the parents of the girls are looking for men with Indian origin and also know that they won't be able to give much dowry.

The first man to catch Mr. Bakshi's eye is Balraj, anglicized as Mr Bingley (Naveen Andrews). Balraj is a British Asian from London and the new neighbor to the Bakshi family. Mrs Bakshi sees him as a prospective husband for Jaya.

Then comes into picture Balraj's best friend, Darcy, who falls head-over-heels in love with Lalita on a social meet. But Lalita is quite reserved in showing her feelings. Rest of the story is about how Darcy, an American hotelier, wins Lalita's love and how he convinces her parents to accept him as her prospective groom.

Cast & Crew

Gurinder Chadha
Deepak Nayar, Gurinder Chadha
Anu Malik
Zoya Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar

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