Call For Fun - 2017


Yash (Zaan Khan), Vasu (Aashish Gade), Paddy (Prasad Shikre), Lucky (Prashant Kanaujia), Anu (Shubhangi Mehrotra), Susu (Charu Asopa), Rinku (Priyanka Arya) and Katy (Swagata Naik) are friends are friends. Yash's parents (Parmeet Sethi and Lubna Salim) go to the US for a short time, leaving the family call centre business under their son's supervision. But their business hits bad times and Yash is forced to close it down due to lack of funds. One day, Yash realizes that Vasu is constantly on adult phone lines, he gets an idea of starting a business in his defunct call centre. The eight friends join hands and start the new company, Call @ Fun. The company becomes successful as the four girls offer sleazy and sexy conversations to desperate men. One day, Yash gets involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, the car with which Yash's car crashes belongs to an underworld on, Dabla Supari (Linesh Fanse). Thanks to the accident, drugs worth Rs 30 lakh that was in Dabla's car get destroyed. Dabla asks Yash to pay the amount in two months. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Call For Fun Movie - Songs

Paisa Paisa

Kya Yahi Pyar Hai

Be With It

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