Chal Chalein - 2009


A group of eight boys and girls studying in the eleventh standard, playful, witty, yet rational are jolted when one of their friends Navneet commits suicide because of his parent's [Rati Agnihotri and Kanwaljeet] pressure, as he is interested in literature, but his father wants to see him as an engineer. The friends are worried about children committing suicide. They decide to do something to stop the suicides: They start a movement against parents and government.

A lawyer [Mithun Chakraborthy] helps these kids in their movement. The parents are annoyed obviously. The entire nation supports the children in this movement. Now it's the law that has to react.

Although the film has noble intentions, the film could have been a gripping fare had director Ujjwal Singh tackled the subject more realistically. Barring a few sequences, the film lacks the power to keep you engrossed. Mithun is good enough in his part. Mukesh Khanna, Anoop Soni and Shilpa Shukla enact their parts well. The kids are okay.

On the whole, CHAL CHALEIN is a dull fare with slim chances.

Cast & Crew

Ujjwal Singh
Mahesh Padalkar
Ilayya Raja
Piyush Mishra

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