Champion - 2000


The film really revolves around the Bodyguard kind of relationship with this little kid.

Now the baddy in the film is newcomer Rahul Dev who plays Nazir, a man obsessed with killing the child. Nazir has already murdered the child?s billionaire parents.

Manisha Koirala is the love lady in Rajveer?s life. She is the calming factor in his life who absolutely adores him. She is a fashion model in the film and is doing a very laid back kind of role where for after a long time she does not have to do anything too heavy.

Well the end is like in most film a happy ending and everyone lives happily ever after.

Our Hero, Sunny saves the child, knocks of the baddie after much gore and horseplay and dhishum dhishum. Not to forget that Manisha Koirla plays the motivating factor in this whole thing thanks to her..that the baddie is bumped off.

A film full of action, music and jokes. ? that?s what Champion is all about.

Cant comment too much on Rahul Dev?s performance but Sunny?s move from Romance to action is definitely a move in the right direction. So all those Sunny fans.. Champion is a sure shot treat for you.

Cast & Crew

Padam Kumar
Sujeth Kumar
Vishal and Anand Raj Anand
Javed Akhtar

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