Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui - 2021


Manu (Ayushmann Khurrana) is the owner of a gym in Chandigarh, and a bodybuilder, preparing for an annual competition titled "G.O.A.T". Unfortunately, his gym fails to attract clients until a Zumba instructor named Maanvi (Vaani Kapoor) walks into the gym and things start looking up financially. Manu is attracted to Maanvi, and as they are about to have their first kiss, she says she has something to tell him. However, Manu refuses to hear her out, and a sexual relationship evolves between them. Manu's family also likes Maanvi, and his sisters Preet and Meet encourage him to marry her.

When Manu eventually expresses his intention of wanting to marry her, Maanvi reveals that she is a trans-woman. Flabbergasted and enraged, Manu tells her that he's going to seek revenge. He is disgusted with himself because he keeps thinking that he "has had sex with a man." His friends make derogatory references to Maanvi, which further infuriates him. Despite their fall-out, the two continue to have feelings for each other.

Maanvi did not share a close bond with her mother, but her father had accepted her for who she was. He comes to visit her and they have a conversation about what is bothering her. He suggests that she stop going to the gym for a few days. Maanvi questions why she is the one who needs to leave everything behind or hide herself to seek solutions.

Meanwhile, Manu educates himself about trans-women by watching videos, interacting with a trans-woman, and seeking counselling along with his friends to come to the conclusion that his relationship with Maanvi is not "abnormal." Eventually, he realizes that being born in a male body was a biological defect that Maanvi had rectified via surgery, and only Manu had to step up and accept her for who she was. Preet and Meet find out the truth about Maanvi and insult her in public. As a result of the public humiliation, she is about to leave Chandigarh when she receives a phone call informing her of her father's heart attack. She rushes to the hospital, where Manu also shows up. He tells her that he wants to be with her, and stands up to his family for Maanvi.

The next day, Manu is seen competing for the title of "G.O.A.T", and in the last round of the tournament, Maanvi shows up to root for him. Encouraged by her presence, he lifts up extra weights and wins the competition. After his victory, he asks Maanvi in front of the crowds if she wants to be with him, and she says yes.

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