Chehraa - 2005


Simran (Madhoo) is a doctor. She goes to Ooty and comes across Avinash (Ayub Khan). The two fall in love and get married. They settle down in Ooty. Avinash?s wish is to open a hospital, which he wants Simran to take care of. However, Avinash is died of an accident. Simran goes back to her home city and tries to start a new life and concentrate on her work. She comes across a patient named Jyoti (Seema Kapoor) who is mentally disturbed due to some incidents in her life.

The story takes a twist when Simran meets Jyoti?s husband Anant - who is a humshakal of Avinash. Simran can?t believe her eyes. After a few meetings, Simran and Anant begin to fall for each other. But Simran is still a little confused about the whole situation as Jyoti is still alive and she doesn?t know a lot about Anant.

Cast & Crew

Saurabh Shukla
Dilkhush Doshi
Anu Malik

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