Chor Bazaari - 2015


Chor Bazaari is a love story with a twist. An Atrangi prem kahani with its Satrangi characters that will steal your heart, quite literally. The protagonist Charlee is a charming, cheerful, capable, and confident young boy, who lives in Delhi with his family. But this is no ordinary family. It s a family that eats together, prays together and steals together. These riot of robbers are an entertaining bunch and each of them have their own favorite chori ki cheez! While Charlee s father specializes on stealing thoughts, his mother s proud of the only booty she has ever stolen - Charlee ke dad ka dil.

Charlee s younger bro has a room ful l of bats, balls and random stationary wiped off from his school. Amidst all of this, Charlie happens to land himself in a unique experiment of a thesis project for a beautiful young girl. Meet Sweetee Chabbra - organized and rational, resourceful and ambitious. Daughter of Delhi s police commissioner Sweetee knows what she wants and how to get it. In her quest to complete a project for her criminal psychology course, she ends up meeting Charlee, who agrees to become her guinea pig. She is on a mission to decode the anatomy of a thieving mind and Charlee is her best bet. Sweetee somehow convinces her otherwise uptight father and gets his secretary Pandey to arrange for a meeting with Charlee. Over coffee, she makes him sign an NoC enclosed with certain rules and regulations.

But just on the day they meet, Charlee has conned a man who happens to be the man-Friday of a dreaded Mafia boss. He manages to mislead the Mafia s man with one Annu s photograph to settle scores with him. The Don launches a manhunt for Annu to get back a pen drive stolen by Charlee that contains classified info about his cash rich Swiss accounts. Annu, who craves for respect and dreams of making it as a top gangster but lack of courage has rendered him a failure in life. He is now caught in crossfire straight from hell - thanks to Charlee. Meanwhile, Sweetee and Charlie embark on the project that will change their lives forever. As they start meeting often, Sweetee lands up at Charlee s home to discover a never-seen-before chorfest. It s an atranagi party of chors, a chor festival, where thieves from all over the world have converged to celebrate some sort of a twisted big day. In due course, Sweetee starts getting curious about Charlee s family background hoping to find some answers about their natural tendencies to steal. She ends up meeting a bunch of his mad-cap family members.

Their genetically thieving bloodline leaves her amused. For the thesis, Charlee and Sweetee embark on an actual robbery to make her experience as real as possible, but parallel to their expedition, Charlee has to face hot pursuit as he is chased by the Mafia mastermind and Annu, who has now landed in Mafia s custody. By now, Sweetee who has spent considerable time with Charlee loses her most prized possession to his charm - her heart. Their mock chori has put them on the run across India s limitless highways. While on the run, backed by some liquid courage , Sweetee ends up proposing to Charlee in her inebriated state.

Cast & Crew

Rajiv S. Ruia
Sunil Omprakash, Narrayan Goel
Ankkit Narrayan
Vikram Singh 1, Gajendra Verma, Rabbit
Aseem Ahmed Abbasi, Ankkit Narrayan, Dahek

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