Deewana Mastana - 1997


A streetsmart Raju (Anil) and his friend Gafoor (Johny) are blackmarketeers of train tickets. Raja?s dreams of becoming successful make him rob 2.5 million Rupees from the railway lockers and flee to Mumbai with Gafoor.

In Mumbai, Raja happens to meet Dr. Neha Kapoor (Juhi), a Psychiatrist, who is treating Bunnu (Govinda) for his various phobias. A love at first sight for Dr. Neha brings Raja in direct confrontation with Bunnu, who also is in love with the doctor.

Neha leaves for Ooty with her father for her uncle?s wedding. Both, Raja and Bunnu become uninvited guests at the wedding and try to outsmart each other to win over Dr. Neha.

The love triangle takes an ugly turn when Gafoor tries to kill Bunnu. But Bunnu is saved. When he comes to know that Raju is trying to kill him, he contracts a contract killer "Pappu Pager" to bump off Raja ...

Cast & Crew

David Dhawan
Ketan Desai
Anand Bakshi

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