Deewane - 2000


Sapna (Urmila Matondkar) and Inspector Vishal (Ajay Devgan) are in love. Theirs is a 'bachpan friendship' and the two are to get married. Vishal is out to get hold of a video cassette that identifies a couple of rogues. At Shimla, Vishal bumps into Arun Kumar (Ajay Devgan in a double role) who is a petty thief, and has also robbed Pooja's (Mahima Chowdhary) heart.?

The enemies shoot Vishal and he is rushed to Lilavati Hospital. He slips into a coma. Arun being a look alike of Vishal, the Police Commissioner (Shivaji Satam) exploits this opportunity and coaxes Arun to take Vishal's place for a price of Rs. 10 lakhs. Arun is trained to be a cop, like Vishal, and it incidentally becomes incumbent on him to play Son to Reema Lagoo and a lover to Sapna. Arun falls in love with Sapna (his dreamgirl), who is unaware of Arun's true identity, mistaking him to be Vishal. Whew!?

The story takes a turn when Vishal gets cured. Vishal and The Commissioner reveal the true identity of Arun to the Family. Sapna, is appalled to learn the truth. And she soon realises that Arun has touched some 'kona' of her heart, but she wouldn't admit the fact. Arun is all out to get Sapna to say she loves him, and when she does, they decide to give their 'Pyar ka Qurbani'.

Sapna and Vishal's wedding preparations are on, and then?Helloa! Have we forgotten something? The video cassette, remember? Well, that reaches the police station and the culprits are Vishal's two wicked chachas (Paresh Rawal, being one of them), present at the wedding. One corrupt officer informs them, that the police are out to get them. Arun comes between Chacha's bullet and Vishal, and is rushed to Lilavati Hospital. (Again?)

He is soon back on his feet and returning back to his village, when Vishal stops him. And the end is expectedly melodramatic with Mahima Chowdhary wanting to start a 'Dil Tootnewale ka Association', in which she and one of the Ajay Devgan's would be a part of the 'singles'.

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