Deshdrohi - 2008


The themes of the film ?Desh Drohi ? include politics, corruption and the common man. At the start of the film a man named Raja arrives in Mumbai searching for a job, after leaving his father and both neighbour and sweetheart, Neha, behind in his village.

In Mumbai Raja meets Shekhar, who works as a watchman, and Sonia, who works for Baba Kadam, a drug dealer. At one point Raja helps Sonia escape from an attack by a group working for another drug dealer called Rajan Nayak, the enemy of Baba Kadam. The two eventually fall in love.

After realising that living in Mumbai is particularly difficult for North Indians, Raja petitions Shrivastav, a North Indian politician who exploits common people for his political career, for help. The drug mafia of Mumbai city is assisted by politicians and the media want to reveal the corruption prevalent in the city.

Due to his involvement, Raja is marked for death by Rajan Nayak, who contracts a police inspector to kill both him and Sonia. However the Inspector fails and is killed. The police pursue Raja and Sonia, who are also running from Rajan Nayak. Raja attempts to get help from Shrivastav, to no avail, and even Sonia?s boss, Baba Kadam, abandons the pair.

Pushed to the limit, Raja resolves to kill all involved, in which he is helped by Inspector Rohit Raghav, the new husband of Raja?s village sweetheart, to kill Srivastva.

How Raja and Sonia will escape law and teach the criminals a lesson is the story of the film.

Cast & Crew

Jagdish Sharma
Kamal Rashid Khan
Kamal Rashid Khan
Nikhil, Pramod Nair
Sahil Fatehpuri, Vimal Kashyap, Kamaal Rashid

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