Dil Ki Baazi - 1993


Unemployed Vijay lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay, along with his mother, Nirmaladevi, who works as a Manager for a young woman's hostel. He meets wealthy Aarti, and her dad, Daulatram, hires him. Ajay Kashyap dislikes Vijay and gets him fired, but Daulatram, again, comes to his rescue, introduces him to Santosh Kumar, who employs him. Vijay does not know is that Santosh Kumar is actually Bhogilal, wanted for murder, and who is using Vijay to get even with the Kashyap family as he had been jilted by Ajay's mom, Lalita. This is not the only aspect of this story that Vijay is not aware of, watch what happens when Ajay's dad, Vishwanath, passes away, and the secret of his first wife surfaces.

Dil Ki Baazi Movie - Songs

Aagre Se Aayee Ho Ya

Buddha Kya Jawano Se Kam Hai

Ruk Bhi Jao Jana Dil Ko Na Tadpana

Shaadi Karoongi Shaadi

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