Dilwale - 2015


An ensemble cast and a film filled with drama, romance, action and of course, flying cars, Dilwale with two love stories at the backdrop, is the quintessential potboiler.

Kali alias Raj, the adopted son of Veer
s (Varun Dhawan) father, decides to take the crime route similar to his foster father. However, his forbidden love for Meera, daughter of his father
s rival, soon brings a storm into his life making him lose everything, his life and his love in the process. Few years later, the now grown up Veer, who was always kept guarded, away from the crime world, helps his brother Raj in his car modification business. Raj aka Kali is now leading a peaceful life, away from all the deep and dark secrets of his past. However, the young Veer who falls head over heels in love with the Ishita brings back memories and people from Kali
s past. As history repeats itself in case of forbidden love, will Veer too face Raj
s fate in love?

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