Dum - 2003


Uday Shinde (Vivek Oberoi) is honest policeman whose sole aim to serve the people selflessly. Shankar (Atul Kulkarni) is a psychotic cop who is downright selfish and corrupt. Uday Shinde is ready to do anything to eliminate and he plots a Machivellian scheme to kill him. But Uday has friends like Mohan (Sushant) and Raj Dutt Sharma (Mukesh Rishi) who believe in his principles and will do anything to save him. But besides Shankar power-drunk politician Deshmukh (Govind Namdeo) is gunning for Uday too. Theres also Kaveri (Diya Mirza) a television news reporter who has lost her heart out Uday.

Will Uday emerge triumphant in his battle against corruption? Will be able to successfully beat corrupt policeman like Shankar and also not succumb to pressure of power wielding politician Deshmukh?

Cast & Crew

E. Niwas
Moranis and Neelam Bunty
Sandeep Chowta
Abbas Tyrewalla, Nitin Raikwar, Sameer

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