Dushmanon Ka Dushman - 1984


Sita lives a middle-class lifestyle in India. After her sister passes away, she undertakes to look after her nephew, Raju, lands a job as a Governess-Tutor at distant Vijaypur and re-locates there. Enroute via train a man named Chandru attempts to molest her, but she rejects him, attempts in vain to find a seat in the woman?s compartment, and it is then a man armed with a gun shoots Chandru and kills him. The gunman gets down at the next stop, leaving a shaken Sita alone and admitting to the Police that she was a witness and can identify the assailant. When she reaches Vijaypur, she takes charge, and wins over a precocious child, Shobha. She gets a shock when she is introduced to her new employer, Manohar, who is the owner of Nandini Estates, and realizes that he is the killer. He too recognizes her and prevents her from informing Inspector Murthy, who is known to him. When she insists on going to the Police.

Cast & Crew

Bhagwant Thakur
Asha Kumar

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