Faraar... - 2011


Arjun had killed a man accidentally when he was a teenager. That memory still haunts him like a nightmare.
The Managing Director of the company Mr. Balraj Singhania, favors Arjun very much and treats him as his blue-eyed boy. Arjun often has to face the ire of his girlfriend, Rashmi, as he is also very devoted to his employer. Rashmi works as a receptionist at the same company.
Manohar, Arjun's colleague frequently narrates his escapades with floozies of all kinds, his words do conjure up Arjun?s thoughts.
Singhania?s wife is much younger than him and is a real hot, sexy female. Arjun's mind starts building up fantasies around this unseen mystery woman.
Singhania falls down the staircase and fractures his leg. He is put in a cast and becomes bed-ridden for the next two months.
Arjun comes to visit his Boss. On his way back Arjun gets mesmerized seeing Nisha changing in her bed room.
When Arjun comes, next day to get Singhania?s signature on some urgent documents, Singhania narrates him that he married Nisha out of pity but she is interested in his wealth.
He gets startled when he finds Nisha in his car waiting for him.
Nisha reveals in a choked voice that she is being held captive in Singhania's bungalow. She asks him to teach her driving so that she can go out for a drive Just to feel free at times from this miserable married life. Arjun doesn't have the heart to say 'no' to her.
From that night Arjun and Nisha's clandestine rendezvous starts.
The captivating proximity and the guilt-ridden secrecy of the whole thing bring them closer every night.
Rashmi gets upset about Arjun's strange behaviour.
Then one moonlit night, Nisha takes over the wheels from Arjun and hits a biker. Arjun gets out of the car to find the dead body of a policeman underneath the wheels of his car. It is Inspector Pandey.
Inspector Pandey had come to know the real identity of Sighania and Nisha on net.
The plot then thickens with some unusual twists. Wilson, Rashmi?s drug-addict brother-in-law and Inspector Pandey? fianc?e Jennifer gets killed in mysterious circumstances. Though the needle of suspicion points at Arjun, Sub-Inspector Vijay Chavan is baffled at the pace with which the bodies fall.
When Arjun confesses his love to Rashmi, Nisha takes out a gun and is about to shoot herself. Arjun tries to snatch the gun away from her hand, the gun suddenly goes off and Nisha is dead.
Arjun goes and surrenders himself to the police.
Sub-Inspector reaches at the crime spot, along with Arjun, finds heartbroken Singhnia is sitting over there.
When Arjun looks at the dead body, he finds that it is not Nisha but Jennifer. He shouts but to no avail as Sighania declares that it is Nisha his beloved wife.
Before Arjun is put into lock up Manohar reaches to the police station with anticipatory bail papers.
Why the murders took place???? Who killed them..? And what Sighania does when Interpol Inspector Davidson arrives along with Sub-Inspector Vijay Chavan, Manohar, Rashmi and others, to arrest Singhania, can be seen in this exciting movie titled ?FARAAR? ????

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Santosh Gupta
Santosh Gupta
Santosh Gupta
Santosh Gupta

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