Fitoor - 2016


Based on the Charles Dickens' classic 'Great Expectations', Fitoor is a love story of the artist Noor and his muse Firdaus, set amidst the backdrop of the picturesque Kashmir.
A young Noor, who lives with his sister and brother-in-law, helps a jihad Muazzam by providing him basic necessities when the latter escapes from the hands of police but the jihad once again elopes when he finds out that police has been tracing his location. Noor moves on with his life and starts working at Begum's palace where he meets the Begum's daughter, the delicate and pretty girl Firdaus. The artistic Noor however sets out on a new journey, when Begum sends Firdaus to study abroad after she comes to know of Noor's feelings for the little girl asking Noor to become a self -made man.
In his journey of self-discovery, Noor becomes a painter in the memory of Firdaus and in an exhibition featuring his painting organized by Leena Becker, he comes face to face with his lady love, Firdaus now a beautiful woman. While the two enjoy their phase of love, soon, Firdaus leaves Noor alone stating that she is engaged to Bilal, a marriage arranged by her mother, Begum. Once again heartbroken, Noor who continues to live his life and flies to London for work meets the jihad Muazzam who gives him information which will change the artist's life forever.

Fitoor Movie - Songs

Yeh Fitoor Mera - Song

Pashmina - Song

Haminastu - Song

Hone Do Batiyaan - Song

Tere Liye - Song

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