Fredrick - 2016


The story begins with a 16 year old boy, who seems just like all other guys, except than that his bonding with another boy of his age was unusual. This bonding was highly objectionable to his father and he has reacted violent on that another guy. One fateful day few unfortunate events take place which create the platform for the story to grow further.

19 Years Later... amid the breathtakingly gorgeous valleys and beautifully draped snow covered mountains of Mussoorie, a dark unknown shadow has cast a web of human trafficking, whom nobody knows and no one has seen. Only his name Fredrick, is mentioned everywhere.

Vikram, a suspended IB agent with his wife Amrita, are on a special mission, the duo has come to Mussoorie deliberately to get entrapped in this web.

What can be the reason that she needs to get kidnapped deliberately?
What was the plan? Will their plan succeed?
What they lost & gain in this mysterious journey?

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