Gabbar Singh - 2007


The prize on dacoit Gabbar Singh?s head is Rs. 1 lakh, while the amount offered to capture Ram Katori (Sapna) is Rs. 2 lakhs! Gabbar can?t bear the thought that he has been demoted from his legend of being the most wanted dacoit. So, he wants to kill Ram Katori to reclaim his title.

Meanwhile, Ram Katori kills her gang member, Bijli, when she tries to quit. She also kills Rajesh, with whom Bijli was in love. Rajesh?s friend, Vijay, swears that he would avenge both the killings. One day, when Ram Katori and her co-dacoit, Birju, are out to buy bullets, Gabbar Singh manages to kill her. Instead of proclaiming Ram Katori?s death, Birju recruits her look-alike, Ram Pyari (Sapna), to impersonate her. Vijay, mistaking Ram Pyari for Katori, tries to kill her but realizes his mistake in time. Ram Pyari and Vijay fall in love and run away to live their lives in a small village. Gabbar tracks them down and kills Vijay. Ram Pyari takes revenge by finishing off Gabbar.

Cast & Crew

Kanti Shah

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