Gafla - 2006


Gafla is a story about big dreams.An adventure that statrs with ambitious intentions...and gets caught up in a crime-web. 'Gafla' begins as a story about an ordinary young man.Subodh. in ordinary circumstances.Subodh starts out like any middle-class guy, with limited opportunities to survive and go ahead. Perhaps he has a little bit more drive than ther others.more energy and bigger dreams.But then, he is just a smart guy.'Gafla' follows Subodh's journey into the stock markets and beyond through the eyes of different people in his personal and professional life.

His sweet heart form the neighbourhood - Vidya. who remains outside his professional world.clutching to some old fashioned views of morality,whom he loves but cannot fit into his life.

His colleague - Hair, of early days of his career who helps him learn but whom Subodh leaves far behind in his dazzling rise.

His rival - Karmendra Thakur, and other established brokers who were born into the stock market, whom he casually pushes aside to reach his goals and who fuels his ambition by their resistance.

His benefactors - Rasiklal Bhejani and Jugaad Singh.who are impressed by his brilliance and encourage him to cross the line between the ethical and logical.

His followers - Jayanth, the Banana Seller, and other ordinary people who turn into investors.charmed by the dreams he sells.

His wife - Maya a foreign returned finance expert.full of efficiency and no feelings whose cynical view separates matter as profitable or not, never mind right or wrong.

His disciple - Aakash, who admires his guts and 'vision' and follows him through. the film examines the issues of the ethics and mortality in this Machiavellian world defined by winners and losers rather than good and bad.

'Gafla' deals with these issues through the character of a woman, Vidya who tries to understand what happend for the sake of her lost love

Cast & Crew

Sameer Hanchate
Sameer Hanchate
Kartik Shah
Irshad Kamil

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