Ghaath - 2000


Ghaath is about today's India. It exposes the dark side of the state of affairs as it exists in our country today. The film successfully depicts stark reality through the eyes of its protagonist Krishna Patil (Manoj Bajpai), the son of an ex-freedom fighter, who is an idealist (Anupam Kher). Krishna's ambition is to become a police officer and thereby uphold the highest traditions of law. He joins the police academy where he manages to impress the training officer Ajay Pandey (Om Puri), with his sincerity and lofty ideas.

Krishna also comes into contact with Kavita Choudhry (Tabu), a lawyer, who seems to be cynical about his idealistic approach to life. Kavita is convinced that the prevalent corrupt systems and practices will destroy Krishna's ideals in no time. Not to be cowed down so easily, Krishna decides to wage a one-man war against the system.

After passing out from the academy, Krishna fails to qualify for a job because he is unwilling to grease palms. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes when his sister (Sheeba) as well as her husband, lose their lives during a run-in with a power broker (Govind Namdeo). This incites Krishna to wage war against anti-social elements on his own terms, and thus the story unfolds through a series of incidents very interestingly depicted on celluloid

Cast & Crew

Kumar Mohan
Anu Malik

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