Ghayal Once Again - 2016


Ajay Mehra, the founder of the newspaper Satyakam just follows one aim- sincerity and honesty. However, the death of his close friend Joe D'Souza drags him into the murk of the capitalism, power and a deep rooted nexus of corruption.
After his close friend Joe D'Souza dies a mysterious death, Ajay Mehra who is married to Riya continues to live his life. However, four college students, namely Rohan, Anushka, Zoya and Varun chance upon a video that is the solo evidence to prove Joe's accident to be a murder. They being fans of Ajay decide to give the proof to them but face several attacks by Raj Bhansal, a crude businessman whose son Kabir is behind Joe's murder. Will Ajay Mehra be able to stumble upon this vital piece of evidence and will be able to give Joe justice is what forms the rest of the plot.

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