Ghulam-E-Musthafa - 1997


Ghulam e mustafa (nana patekar) is an ordinary citizen and an orphan who has been brought up by the underworld don ( pareshrawal).

Mustafa fears no one except god and is full of courage. He is totally devoted to the don (pareshrawal) who is known as abba in the film.Mustafa meets kavita ( raveena tandon) a dancer by proffession, they fall in love but before their marriage can blossom kavita is killed by the enemies of abba. AT this point mustafa loses his faith in violence. HIs attitude goes a major change.
He leaves his proffession and instead swears to protect mr dixit?s family ( shayaji shindey and aruna irani) weho are being threated by underworld and politicians, because shayaji shinde is an income tax officer.Mustafa decides to stay with dixit?s family so that he can offer them protection. Though initially unwanted, he is finally accepted by the family as one of it?s own members. To help the family mustafa makes a deal with politician imitiyaz and abba. He wins the bye-election for the ruling party and decides to hand himself over to the police. But the politicans and underworld dons are aware that mustafa knows to many of their secrets, they decide to eliminate mustafa also and the family.

Cast & Crew

Partho Ghosh
P.G. Shrikanth
Amar Haldipur, Rajesh Roshan

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