Gold - 2018


GOLD is a story of India's first big win in an international sports tournament after attaining independence. Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar) is the junior manager during the 1936 Berlin Olympics for the British Indian hockey team. British India defeated Germany quite easily and won the gold medal.

Since India then was still under the British rule, the British national anthem was played at the end of the match. Tapan feels humiliated and he vows to help a free India win the Olympics and then stand proudly as Jana Gana Mana will be played. Sadly the World War 2 begins soon enough and the 1940 and 1944 editions of the Olympics get cancelled. In 1945, the war ends and in 1946, it is announced that the 1948 Olympics will take place in London. The independence of India is also near. Tapan by now has become an alcoholic and owes a lot of money to many. He has been ousted from the Hockey Federation. But the announcement of the 1948 Olympics excites him. He manages to convince the Federation board that he'll move heaven and earth and get the best team for India and a gold for India eventually.

Thus begins his search. The captain of the 1936 Olympics, Samrat (Kunal Kapoor) refuses to come on board but he recommends Tapan that Imtiaz Shah (Vineet Kumar Singh) should be made the in charge. Tapan then tours around the country and finds gems like Himmat Singh (Sunny Kaushal) and Raghubir Pratap Singh (Amit Sadh). All is going fine until the Partition is announced. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Gold Movie - Songs

Naino Ne Baandhi

Chad Gayi Hai

Ghar Layenge Gold


Rasta Rasta

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