Good Luck - 2008


Vicky (Aryeman) is an aspiring singer, Saba {Sayali Bhagat) is a PR head in an ad agency. Success evades him at every step and success awaits her at every step. because she had the good luck charm sealed in her kiss. and one day at a party Saba kisses Vicky by mistake and says good bye to her good luck and his life changes for good. Tarun Chopra {Lucky Ali} a music baron signs ou Vicky and Vicky's draem comes true. And Saba is almost on the streets for she looses her job.Enters a tarot card reader {Archana Puran Singh} who tells Saba that she can get her good luck charm back if she kisses Vicky again. The catch was that Vicky was wearing a mask when she kissed him at the party. The search begins they meet and fall in love but she dosent know that Vicky is the boy who has the good luck charm. And the day she realises the truth she selfishly takes the kiss back leaving Vicky and his band to struggle for sucess again. They meet they part and the usuall happens. Love over-powers her selfishness and Saba wants to give the kiss back to Vicky and make his concert a grand sucess.

But whats a love story without hurdles? There are other contenders for the kiss. Apolice officer {Sharad Saxena} A jiglo {Ranveer Shorey} Saba's ruthless boss {Nazeen Patel} and the Tarot card reader herself.A hilirious chase begins as the good luck kiss shifts between Saba and Vicky and everyone trying to kiss them and land up kissing each other who gets the good luck charm finally in this chaotically funny kissing ? Our
lips are sealed.

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