Hello Brother - 1999


Take a spontaneous acto rlike Salman Khan, pair him with intense Arbaaz Khan and a lovable Rani Mukherjee, add the expertise of talanted Sohail Khan as a director, and what you get is Hello Brother - the fun film that will haunt you forever. Hero (Salman Khan) is an ambitious and fun loving guy who has a zest for life in spite of his imporvished and orphaned upbringing. He works for a courier company, whose owner is Khanna (Shakti Kapoor). Hero has a soft corner for Rani (Rani Mukherjee) whom he has grown up with and who lives in the same basti. But Rani, who works as a nursey teacher regards Hero as nothing more than a dear friend and confidate. Her dream man is Vishal Singh (Arbaaz Khan) a top officer from Delhi Narcotics Division, who's recently been transferred Mumbai to combat the drug situation here. Visha;'s investigation's lead him to Khanna's courier company which is being used to front an illegal drug business. But Hero is oblivious of the shadowy dealings and staunchly defends his boss when Vishal confronts him. Now Vishal suspects Hero as well!! And then Khanna reveals his true evil colors and shoots both Hero and Vishal. Is this the tragic end? Or is it the begining of the wackiest comedy Hindi cinema has ever seen?
Whose queen of heart is Rani really?

Cast & Crew

Sohail Khan
Bunty Walia & Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan
Himesh Reshmmiya, Sajid Wajid

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