Hum Ho Gaye Aap Ke - 2001


Rishi (Fardeen Khan) is a wealthy cynic who runs his family business with an iron hand. His father Oberoi (Suresh Oberoi) agrees with his son's guiding principle that money can buy all the things in the world.

Rishi considers love and marriage a waste of time. He firmly believes that one cannot spend his whole life with just one girl.

Mohan (Apoorva Agnihotri), is Rishi's best friend. He comes from a middle class family and is employed in Rishi's colossal empire. Though
both Rishi and Mohan are best buddies, their views and thought processes differ. Mohan is a strict believer in love and traditional values.

One day, their world is swept away into chaos by Chandni (Reema Sen), a bubbly romantic girl who is sentimental, loves romance and poetry and believes in a sweet and a happy life.

Both Rishi and Mohan are never the same again. Rishi discovers that

there are indeed some things in this world that money just can't buy.

Will Rishi be able to convince Chandni that he truly loves her? Will Chandni choose to spend her life with Mohan? Will the coming of Chandni
in their lives drive a wedge between Mohan and Rishi?

Cast & Crew

Ratan Jain, Ahathian

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