Hum Kaun Hai - 2004


Sandra Williams (Dimple Kapadia) lives in a palatial house with her two children Sarah and David. She is awaiting the return of her husband Major Frank John Williams (Amitabh Bachchan) from the war. Frank has been a devoted father, a loving husband and a dependable friend. His chances of return to the family are slim.

But Sandra is hoping against hope for her husband?s return. Meanwhile, she devotes herself to the raising of her children in a strict and disciplinarian environment.

Other people in the household are the three servants, Mrs. Pinto (Mausami Chatterji) ? who is nanny to the two kids ? there is Edgar, the gardener and Maria, the helper. All of them have to observe the quaint rules of the house and maintain atmosphere of propriety and decorum.

The William household is a quiet and dark place with an eerie ambience. There are some strange happenings in the house that add to the spooky feeling.

One day a strange thing happens. Sandra, on her way back to the house after meeting Father D?Souza, runs into her husband Frank whom she finds in a disoriented and dazed state.

Although the entire family is happy at Frank?s return, the Major is not able to feel homely.

Then, during the reunion of the kids with their father, Sarah shares a secret with her father that shocks him. He decides to leave the house. Then he chums along with his engineer friend Virendra (Dharmendra) to unravel the mystery that surrounds his family and household.

Cast & Crew

Ravi Shankar Sharma
Soni Juneja
Sanjay Chowdhary

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