I am in Love - 2007


Based in and around London, the film deals with the life style of an Indian-British businessman Karan Kapoor aka KK (Arjun Gaur). KK has a passionate and long standing desire to set up a Cambridge university certified school in India, so he embarks on this development to be called Cambridge international academy.

Situated in acres of sprawling countryside, 60 miles east of Mumbai (India), fronting on to a river and surrounded by 360` of mountain range, this multi million dollar school set boasts mock Tudor buildings, a chateau, a man made lake and most of all the princess Diana island (pdi), complete with life size marble statue of the late Princess on a black granite base, as a mark of respect and permanent monument to the late ambassador of peace and a committed teacher.

While pursuing this project his wife sustains a fatal head injury in a freak accident, but KK had to uphold his moral obligation to his most passionate commitment to the gift of life and hence, he decides to donate her heart to a dying young man against mountain of opposition, tremendous superstitions and taboos against organ donation.

Broken, sad but still determined KK carries on with his dream of supporting his school and one day while attempting to avoid a shoot out himself, gets shot. This was an unfortunate fatal accident but his determination provides him yet another opportunity to do what he preached all along. He donates all his body organs including his face to the public at large.

KK died but his legacy of Organ Donation lives on?.

Cast & Crew

B. M. Mirza
Savitri Films International
Daboo Malik, Louis Banks

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